Wendy sincerely appreciates your prayerful consideration and support in partnering with her in the work that God is doing through her in Tanzania. The mission of Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre, where she works as a Director of the surgical residency program, is to serve, treat and minister to the whole person; in body, mind, and spirit with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

Wendy and her fellow colleagues and immediate team members believe that it is the chief duty of all who love and obey Jesus Christ to proclaim his gospel to their neighbors and to the world and to respond with compassion to the suffering around them in the ways that Jesus did, regardless of race, religion, nationality or social status.

Tanzania is about 60% Christian and 36% Muslim. In the cities, Asian religions also appear. There is a large underlying component of traditional African beliefs. The Catholic Church is the largest Christian community while the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania is the largest protestant community.